Macklemore Vows To Get Pierced In Tour Announcement

Macklemore is going on tour — with, or without, a penis piercing.

“Everybody knows in the old days a tour was decided by a bow and arrow," the rapper explained in a video he shared on Wednesday.

“If I hit the bullseye on my first attempt, from 200 yards away, I will go on tour. If I miss it, I will stay home get into progressive drum and bass and pierce my penis.”

After Macklemore misses the target completely, he turns to the camera and declares: “That’s it, I’m getting a dick ring.”

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The tour’s still a go, though. It kicks off on Oct. 6 in Portland and runs through Nov. 14 in Boston. There is only one Canadian date — a Nov. 8 show at Rebel in Toronto.

The Gemini Tour is in support of Macklemore’s upcoming solo album, which has already spawned the singles “Glorious” and “Marmalade.”