Madonna Makes Stand-Up Debut At NYC Club

Madonna surprised an audience at New York’s legendary Comedy Cellar on Tuesday night by joining Amy Schumer on stage.

“Making my stand up debut! What a thrill,” the pop icon wrote on Instagram. “Finally busted my cherry thank you Amy!”

The line-up at the “Murderer’s Row” show was already stellar enough — Louis CK, Pete Holmes, Aziz Ansari and Jon Stewart — but Madonna was the biggest surprise.

On Instagram, Schumer thanked the Comedy Cellar “for taking a chance on our new act.”

Schumer opened for Madonna at Madison Square Garden in 2015 and, last October, Madonna came out on stage at the same venue before Schumer’s show to encourage fans to vote for Hillary Clinton.

No video footage of Madonna’s stand-up debut has yet surfaced (the club has a strict policy against recording) and it’s not certain if her material was a hit.

Still, those in the crowd tweeted about the moment.

“Went to the Comedy Cellar. Never been. This is who showed up. Pete Holmes. Aziz Ansari. John Stewart. Louis CK. Amy Schumer. Madonna. Yup,” tweeted Philip Tabah.

Anthony DiDomenico wrote: Madonna performed at The Comedy Cellar last night.  Now I finally have the ending to my suicide note.