Marilyn Manson Bassist Accused Of Sexual Assault

Marilyn Manson’s longtime bassist Twiggy Ramirez (born Jeordie White) has been accused of sexual assault and abuse by Jessicka Addams, his ex-girlfriend and former singer of band Jack Off Jill. 

Although the two dated in the ‘90s, Addams posted a very lengthy statement on her Facebook page Friday, which reveals many details of Ramirez’s allegedly abusive behaviour and rape allegations from their previous relationship. 

“Once our band Jack Off Jill started to gain a following locally, abuse and mild violence between (Ramirez) and I began to escalate. He got increasingly jealous when I hung out with male friends.” Addams claimed.

“He jumped into the New River as a protest to me giving a male friend a ride home. He began to body shame me. He slashed my tires. I stayed, because I was conditioned since a child to endure my abuser. And this for me… was love at 19.”

Addams also explained her decision to come forward now, as she finally felt she could tell her story without fear. 

“The label blatantly feared the big machine behind Marilyn Manson would use their power to destroy not only Jack Off Jill, but my name, Jessicka, as well. The pressure and guilt of the inevitable repercussions of my rape story affecting my band’s livelihood, happiness and success kept me silent for years.”

Near the end of her statement, Addams describes an incident wherein Ramirez allegedly sexually assaulted her while he was on a short break for his tour at the time. 

“He forced me on to the floor with his hand around my neck. I said NO. I said NO. I said it so loud enough, that (my friend) Pete came rushing in from the other room to get him off of me," she claimed. "But I had been raped. I had been raped by somebody I thought I loved.”

Ramirez has not been charged and none of the allegations have been proven in a court. He has not commented publicly about the accusations.

Manson responded with a statement regarding the accusations. “I knew Jessicka and Jeordie had a romantic relationship many years ago and I considered and still consider Jessicka to be a friend, I knew nothing about these allegations until very recently and am saddened by Jessicka’s obvious distress.”