Marilyn Manson: ‘Columbine Destroyed My Entire Career’

Marilyn Manson has admitted in a new interview with The Guardian that he blames the 1999 Columbine High School shooting for hindering his career. 

Manson’s name had been associated with the highly publicized Colorado massacre after news broke that the two students were wearing Manson T-shirts during their rampage and were fans of the rock star’s music. 

"Certain people blame me for the shootings at schools – I think my numbers are low, and hopefully they go up on (my upcoming) record. But, honestly, the Columbine era destroyed my entire career at the time,” Manson admitted.

“[I] was the best face to attach to at the time because I put myself in the role of villain. Because I think villains are the key to any good story,” he added. “Before they were showing anything, they said a gang of kids wearing Marilyn Manson T-shirts shot up a school… I think I’ve been blamed for about 36 school shootings.”

Manson admitted he used to be “angry, confused and upset.” But it’s now a new era, as he noted the world has changed and he has changed as well. “Now, I think I feel more happy. Not like, Shiny Happy People. I think I’m just happy being myself. I think now, I’m much more charming and likable.”

Moving on from the past, the famously controversial rocker is gearing up to release his next album Heaven Upside Down on Oct. 6. 

Watch the new NSFW music video for his single “We Know Where You F***ing Live” from the forthcoming album below: