Mick Jagger Makes Dorky Dad Comments On Son's Instagram

Mick Jagger is known across the globe as the lead singer of The Rolling Stones, but he's also a father to eight kids, grandfather to five and even a great-grandfather to one, and he's about as good at parenting as he is at performing.

In fact, a Twitter user found a bunch of comments Jagger left on his 19-year-old son Lucas's Instagram photos that prove that at heart, the rocker is just your average dorky dad. 

Lucas was raised in Brazil by his mom, model Luciana Gimenez, but Jagger still has had a role in the boy's life, which is clear by some of his comments that prove that like any father of a teenager, Jagger is just trying to seem cool in his son's eyes. 

Among Jagger's comments are nuggets like "Watch out for the water" on a pic of Lucas at the beach and "Looks like fun. Ha!" on a shot of Lucas at Brazil's Lollapalooza.  

And it goes both ways - Lucas comments on his dad's pics too:

It's probably not easy for Jagger to have a role in all of his eight kids' lives, but he seems to be doing a pretty good job at it, which is especially challenging since he's gearing up to go back out on the road with the Stones across Europe this summer.

Original article by Dave Basner at iHeartRadio