Moby Offers Free Download Of New Music

Moby is offering up a new collection of songs for free — and he’s doing it with a political twist.

The artist announced the free download of More Fast Songs About the Apocalypse with a press release “from the desk of John Miller.” 

That’s the name of a fake publicist Donald Trump pretended to be in 1991 during a phone call with a reporter.

"The moby artist, who is old and sad, is putting out albums number 2 with the void pacific choirs - apparently "MORE FAST SONGS ABOUT THE APOCALYPSE," reads the release, which mimics Trump’s speaking and tweeting styles.

"i can't say i like it but it's there. they made album #1 last year before my boss, donald j. trump (who is a real person, just like me) became the president of the united states.”

It continues: "moby artist was invited to inauguration (BIGGEST) but he didn’t."