Music Stars React To Death Of Anthony Bourdain

Canadian singers Scott Helman and Jann Arden are among those reacting to the death Friday of Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain.

The celebrity chef, author and world traveller took his life in a hotel room in Strasbourg, France. He was 61.

“One of my heroes died today,” Helman tweeted with the hashtag #RIPBourdain.

Arden tweeted simply “Oh Anthony” along with a quote from German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer: “Great men are like eagles – they build their nests on some lofty solitude.”

Singer and former Glee star Lea Michele called Bourdain’s death “another heartbreaking loss” and tweeted: “you are and will always be one of my idols Anthony Bourdain.. watching your show always brought me such happiness. Thoughts and prayers are with your family now…”

Guitarist Stevie Van Zandt of The E-Street Band shared: “Shocked by the terrible loss of Anthony Bourdain. Why is it always the best of us?”

Singer Cassadee Pop wrote: “Deeply saddened by the losses we’ve had this week. Kate Spade, now Anthony Bourdain, and who knows how many others in the world. Hopefully these tragedies open up the conversations of mental illness even more.”

Mandy Moore said the news is “utterly heartbreaking.” The actress and singer tweeted: “Thank you for opening our eyes to parts of the world both cherished and unknown. What a legacy. Sending peace and love to his family.”

iHeartRadio host Ryan Seacrest shared: “We have lost one of the greatest  storytellers in the world Anthony Bourdain. He took us around the world sharing food culture and mostly the connection between people. He will be missed.”

Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote: “Bourdain’s exceptional writing made this one formerly picky, fearful eater very brave and want to try everything and I'll always be grateful for him and the worlds he opened.”

Bourdain made no secret of his love for music and had friendships with many artists, including Iggy Pop, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, and System of a Down’s Serj Tankian. "I praised his truthfulness, political prowess and innate yearning for justice," Tankian tweeted last month after an episode in which he traveled to Armenia with Bourdain aired.

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