Neon Dreams Pulls Out Of Hedley Tour

Halifax-based Neon Dreams announced on Friday that they will no longer be performing as the opening act for Hedley’s cross-Canada tour following allegations of sexual misconduct against the BC rock band.

Hedley – consisting of Jacob Hoggard, Dave Rosin, Tommy Mac and Jay Benison – are under fire after claims from Twitter users surfaced alleging inappropriate close-encounters with the rock band. Earlier this week, the Juno Awards dropped the band from this year’s celebrations.

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Hedley’s management team has also followed suit, announcing earlier on Friday that they have terminated all “business relationships with the band.”

In a statement posted on Neon Dreams’ Facebook page, the band offered an explanation and an apology to fans:

“In light of the allegations surfacing against Hedley, we can no longer in good conscience continue on the Cageless tour. We understand this choice could negatively impact our band professionally but in the end we have to do what we feel is morally right. We would like to thank all the amazing fans that have made the first 8 shows on the tour the best experience of our lives. We are truly sorry to disappoint anybody that has purchased a ticket to see us perform and we hope to make it up to you in the future.”

As of now, none of the allegations against Hedley have been proven and the band is still expected to perform tonight in Brandon, MB.