Neon Dreams Set To Release 'Guilty'

Neon Dreams announced Tuesday they’re set to release a new single – the Canadian trio’s first since “Shape of My Mind” back in January.

“Guilty,” a club-ready dance track with an infectious R&B chorus, will drop Aug. 24.

“Wish I didn’t want it / I don’t want to stop it,” sings frontman Frank Kadillac. “I’m just being honest.”

The song was recorded in Halifax months after the group dropped out as opening act on Hedley’s Cageless tour amidst allegations of sexual assault against Jacob Hoggard. In a statement at the time, Neon Dreams said: “We can no longer in good conscience continue” and “we have to do what we feel is morally right.”

Kadillac, in a release, said: "After the Hedley situation I found myself in a dark place and I didn’t really understand my true purpose." A songwriting camp in Nicaragua inspired him. “I discovered meditation and yoga which helped me connect with the universe in a much deeper way then I had before.

“I became more spiritual and eliminated negative influences that could lead me down a self-destructive path.”

Kadillac said “Guilty” is about “me finding a new way of life.”

The group, which also includes Matt Gats and Adrian Morris, has released three EPs since 2015 and promises a full-length collection early next year.