New Prince Music Is Coming Soon

Unreleased Prince music is being mixed and remastered and will be released very soon, according to an advisor of the late icon’s estate.

After his death in April of 2016, trustees of Prince’s estate discovered an extensive archive of unreleased material that was created from the artist’s home studio. Now, Troy Carter, an advisor of the late pop singer’s estate has promised to release new Prince music, according to Variety.

“He was a guy who practically lived in a recording studio, and once we started going through [the unreleased material] we really started finding some gems,” Carter revealed. “I heard some music the other night that was pretty mind-blowing and we’re getting some stuff mixed right now. We’ve got great projects in the works that I’m excited to talk about.

“So the answer is yes, there will be unreleased Prince music coming soon.”

It has been a complex legal battle over the rights of Prince’s material since his death. For nearly the first 20 years of his career, the “Raspberry Beret” singer had been with Warner Bros. Recordings until signing with Universal Music, and then re-signing with Warner again in 2014. His estate had to nullify a $31 million U.S. deal with Universal, which left a number of Prince’s recordings in limbo for ownership.

The most recent Prince release was produced by Warner Bros. with an expanded edition of Purple Rain last June – Prince’s most successful album – which included some unreleased material, and a 1985 concert video.