Newspaper Apologizes After Reporter Calls Shania Twain 'A Tramp'

A major Canadian newspaper has apologized to singer Shania Twain after one of its reporters called her "a tramp.”

After Sunday’s Grey Cup game in Ottawa – at which Twain was the halftime performerMontreal Gazette sports writer Herb Zurkowsky tweeted: “Shania looked like a tramp.”

Later, he went further. “Sorry folks. Didn’t mean to offend anyone about Shania Twain, but way too much makeup and should have dressed more conservatively. Apologies.”

On Monday, the Gazette posted an apology for the “sexist, disparaging tweets about Shania Twain.”

It said: “The Montreal Gazette would like to publicly apologize to Ms. Twain, its readers and anyone else who came across Zurkowsky’s tweets. His tweets deserve the widespread condemnation they have received and do not reflect the views or values of the Montreal Gazette. In addition to this apology, the Montreal Gazette will further address this incident with Zurkowsky internally.”

Zurkowsky deleted the tweets.

“I apologize for my insensitive tweet last night,” he tweeted. “I’m sorry for the numerous people I offended. I really meant no harm and must learn to keep my mouth shut. I hope people can forgive me. It won’t happen again!

“Once again, I apologize unreservedly for two highly insensitive tweets from last night. They never should have been posted.”