Niall Horan 'Past The Point Of Caring' About Trolls

It's been an amazing year for Niall Horan. Moving on from One Direction to a blossoming solo career, the 24-year-old has matured a lot both musically and personally – he's doing him.

And he has no time for your criticism online.

In an interview with Esquire, Horan addressed the response to the wide-brimmed hat he wore while performing "Seeing Blind" at this year's American Music Awards. Jokes were made at the expense of his too-big hat, and although he laughed it off, he revealed that at this point, he doesn't care what anyone has to say.

“Back in the day it used to be that you’d read stuff and be like, 'Aw, is that what they think of me?' But the way the world turns is you can do no right, so I've just gone past the point of caring,” Horan said.

“Apparently all these people who are writing to you are perfect, so they have every right to say that to you. So they can go f**k themselves.”

Horan also opened up about his style, both musical and fashion.

On his singer/songwriter/country-influenced style of music: "It’s in my blood. I’m Irish. The closest thing to Irish music is country music—well, country music and singer-songwriter—so I’m guessing it would be more than likely."

On his style while in One Direction: "A while ago I was probably the worst dressed man on the planet. Obviously some people can pull it off, and some people can’t. I happen to be one of those people that can’t. But I was 16 and 17, so you kind of let yourself get away with that. When we were in the band, it was something that I never really thought about. You could obviously tell that Harry [Styles] was probably into it a little more than me at the time; it was something that he focused on more than I did."

On his style now: "It’s kind of an extension of me being Irish. A lot of boots. A lot of hats. And all different types of jackets—denim, leather, all different types of materials that I’m trying to get into. I guess what I’m saying is kind of classic. Classic American rock. They did it pretty good back in the day­, the ‘70s and ‘80s. Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty and bands like The Eagles, they always looked really cool and really suited to that time. And I think that time in fashion is coming back again."

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