Niall Horan Wishes Louis Tomlinson Happy Birthday

The 24th of December may be a time for many to celerbate given that it's Christmas eve, but is also former One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson's birthday. Fans of the boy band and Tomlinson's solo work have taken to social media to wish their fave an extremely happy birthday on Sunday morning, including Niall Horan with some brotherly love.

Horan took to Instagram on Sunday morning to wish Tomlinson a happy 26th birthday with a short but sweet message. "Happy birthday Tommo!" he wrote, using his cute pet name for his former band mate. "Have a great birthday and Christmas." He shared a recent photo of the two of them hanging together outside of work.

Whenever boy bands break up or take a (very long) hiatus, there's always worry that they won't get back together or that they're not really friends. The guys of One Direction - and Horan, specifically - have been really generous with reassuring fans that they will come back one day and that they really are like brothers outside of work. From posting personal photos with his band mates on social media to telling media outlets that if the 1D reunion "comes tomorrow, I have my bag packed. If I have to will 'till I'm 60, so be it. I'm serious. We’ll be like the Eagles and never stop."

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