Nick Jonas Reveals Least Favourite Jonas Brothers Song

Even though the Jonas Brothers have long since split up, the trio's music lives on in fans' hearts. While many are still jamming out to Jonas Brothers classics like "Hold On" and "When You Look Me in the Eyes," Nick Jonas recently revealed there is a song from his band's heyday that he's not very fond of. 

During an interview with Us Weekly, the youngest Jonas Brothers member opened up about creating the song "Pizza Girl" for their Disney Channel show Jonas. The 25-year-old pop singer said he actually listened to the track recently and "didn't love it."

Jonas went on to explain he's not "embarrassed by it or anything." Instead, he explained he's ashamed of his "lack of creativity in the song-writing department." 

It turns out, Jonas and his older brothers Joe and Kevin were asked by the Jonas show creators to "write a song about how you fall in love with the pizza girl and then you eat pizza every day." He said the track "doesn’t even rhyme and it’s literally just exactly what they asked me to write about.”

Just because Jonas doesn't love "Pizza Girl," doesn't mean we have to stop listening to it. It may not be his favourite, but who else is hungry for pizza now?

Original article by Emily Lee at iHeartRadio