Nickelback Ranks Their Top 5 Songs

Nickelback has been writing and recording music as a band for over 20 years and just released their ninth studio albumFeed The Machine.

The new album follows the Canadian band's 2014 No Fixed Address, and features 11 new songs.

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When the band stopped by iHeartRadio HQ in New York City, we wanted to know which songs they thought were their Top 5 of all time. Here’s how they ranked their songs:

1. "How You Remind Me"

"'How You Remind Me' was our introduction to the world. We tried to introduce ourselves other times and failed miserably, didn't make an impression. But until we came up with that little ditty that went 'I've been wrong, I've been down, into the bottom of every bottle, these five words in my head scream are we having fun yet?' ... until that took place, we were just a band from Vancouver that just wanted to be a band from everywhere."

2. "Photograph"

"It's about [our] home town. [There are] a lot of good memories in that. But it also connected with a lot of people and their memories. That was pretty cool, and that was very well received by our fans."

3. "Burn It to the Ground"

"That's the one that regardless of whether it's a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday crowd, we can still get them jumping and screaming and freaking out. We usually finish the night with 'Burn It to the Ground.' So it's a nice show closer, and really puts the icing on the cake for us, it's a good one."

4. "Rockstar"

“That brought back the whole All the Right Reasons tour. The tour was over, we were going to go home, and that song went to No. 1 in England. So we started everything all over again and did the whole world tour because of that one song, again. That was kind of a surprise for us. We put out six singles off All the Right Reasons, and then we were done, and we put out 'Rockstar' to just ride off into the sunset. And we stopped touring and it really took off."

5. "Far Away"

"From the guy who listens to the heaviest music in the band, like we'll play a two-hour set and then we'll get into a vehicle that's driving us away from said arena, and Mike, the only thing I can hear out of his earbuds is [drumming, screaming]. The heaviest thing ever, and you come up with the most melodic little love song that we've ever recorded.” (Mike: "I'm a hopeless romantic at heart.”)

Original article by Nicole Mastrogiannis at iHeartRadio