Nicki Minaj Reaches Huge New Milestone

Nicki Minaj just reached a new milestone! According to Billboard, the Barb is now tied with Aretha Franklin for the most Hot 100 singles among women.

Gucci Mane's "Make Love" features Minaj and has peaked at the 78th spot on the charts. Due to this, Minaj now has a total of 73 singles that have made become Hot 100 songs. Of the 73 singles, 29 of them are the rapper's tracks. The other 44 are songs that she's featured on. As for Franklin, all 73 songs are hers. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Minaj's first Hot 100 single was “Your Love,” which peaked at No. 14 in 2010. This was followed by her feature on Lil Wayne's “Knockout” in the same year. Her most successful song on the Hot 100 charts is her 2014 single “Anaconda,” which peaked at No. 2.

Take a look at the top 15 women who have singles on the Hot 100 charts. Happy International Women's Day!

73, Aretha Franklin

73, Nicki Minaj

70, Taylor Swift

58, Rihanna

57, Madonna

56, Dionne Warwick

54, Beyonce

53, Connie Francis

48, Mariah Carey

48, Brenda Lee

43, Miley Cyrus

41, Barbra Streisand

40, Mary J. Blige

40, Janet Jackson

40, Diana Ross

Original article by Isha Thorpe at iHeartRadio