Noel Gallagher Responds To Ricky Martin Comparison

Noel Gallagher has finally spoken out about accusations that his new song “Holy Mountain” sounds like Ricky Martin’s 2000 hit “She Bangs.”

“The only similarity is his tune goes – as I remember it – ‘She bangs! She bangs!’ That's it. So it’s the phrasing of the words. That’s it,” Gallagher told John Kennedy of Radio X.

“The one thing that was never played to me in the studio was Ricky Martin.”

“Holy Mountain” was released last month as the first single from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ third album, Who Built the Moon?

The former Oasis musician took a shot at fans who have pointed out the similarities between the two songs on social media.

“I understand people have got mundane jobs and they’ve got nothing better to do, so they can comment on stuff,” he said.

Listen to both songs and decide for yourself: