Nova Scotia Teen Wins Chance To Open For Country Star Brett Kissel

A Springhill, Nova Scotia teen has won the ultimate fan experience: a chance to showcase her vocals opening up for Canadian country star Brett Kissel.

Chelsea Atkinson, 16, entered the “Kick It With Kissel” contest back in November with a cover of “I Didn’t Fall In Love With Your Hair.”

Earlier this month, Atkinson found out she was chosen as the winner, with the prize being an opening slot at Kissel’s January 26th show in Liverpool, Nova Scotia.

“My exposure is very limited in a small town, and I don't get the opportunity to record and perform in front of a wide variety of audiences,” the budding singer said in her video entry. “So this would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share what I love with others.”

Returning home from a shift at a part-time job, Atkinson was met with a sign that her sister made, which read: “Liverpool, here we come, Brett Kissel. Congratulations, sis!”

“I was so excited because I’m such a huge fan. Opportunities like this don't come very often for me because I’m so young and I'm from such a small town, so it’s really a huge opportunity for me,” she told the CBC.

Brett Kissel is currently in the midst of his 18-show tour. The opening slot at the Liverpool gig will be 20 minutes, wherein Atkinson will have the opportunity to perform five original songs.

Watch Brett Kissel’s version of “I Didn’t Fall In Love With Your Hair” below: