*NSYNC Reunites For Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Justin Timberlake reunited with *NSync members Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez and Chris Kirkpatrick on Monday as the boy band was inducted to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“We’re brothers, we’re a family,” said Bass. “It’s my brotherhood with you guys that I’m most thankful for.”

Timberlake echoed the sentiment. “We’re really a family,” he said. “I don’t think I could put into words how much the four of you mean to me. I just love all of you so much.”

Other members thanked the fans. “Very humbly, thank you,” Chasez. “I appreciate you. We appreciate you.”

Added Fatone: “It’s an amazing that we’ve never had an album in years and you guys are still supporting us to this day. It’s absolutely been amazing.”

In an emotional moment, Bass recalled how he stayed in the closet because he feared coming out as gay would jeopardize the success of *NSYNC.

“So many nights on stage I’d see young gay fans singing their hearts out and I wanted so badly to let you know, I was you. I just didn’t have the strength then.”

*NSYNC split in 2002 but reunited in 2013 for a performance on the MTV Video Music Awards.

On an episode of Ellen that aired Tuesday, all five members of *NSYNC came together again for a game of Never Have I Ever – including questions about tour bus trysts and whether anyone hooked up with a Spice Girl.

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