Oops! The Chainsmokers Misspell 'Pittsburgh' At Concert

The Chainsmokers were left red-faced last weekend during a concert in Pittsburgh when the video screen at the back of the stage showed a misspelling of the city’s name.

During the encore, “Thank You Pittsburg” was displayed behind Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall.

“It was obviously unfortunate, but even more so because Taggart made it a point to talk about how great the city had been to The Chainsmokers and not every city was as enthusiastic as Pittsburgh,” wrote one reviewer.

“Hopefully, the next time the duo is back they will … do a little spelling research.”

After photos of the “h”-less city name made the rounds on social media, The Chainsmokers blamed “our visual guy” on Twitter. That tweet was later deleted but the duo acknowledged the error in a reply — with a sense of humour.

“Well at least we got another chance this week in Clevlande,” they tweeted.