PHOTOS: Justin Bieber's Dad Posts Adorable Baby Pics Of Pop Star


While Justin Bieber may still be silent on Instagram, his father Jeremy Bieber has been posting up a storm of adorable #TBTs on the social network of his superstar son in the form of BABY PICTURES! As in BABY BIEBS.

Jeremy posted several #TBTs of all of his kids, including Jazmyn and Jaxon, and of course Justin. 

One photo shows baby Justin sitting on the couch next to a sign that says "I Love You Daddy" written on it. The other picture features little Biebs as a toddler with his mouth open and hands plastered to both of his cheeks -- much like Macaulay Culkin's famous pose in Home Alone

Jeremy captioned the photos of his son, "Baby Justin #throwback #bieberprince."



It's been almost five months since Justin gave up Instagram -- we miss you, Justin! But we're happy his dad is here to share these epic throwbacks. They grow up so fast, don't they?

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