Rod Stewart Drops New Album

Rod Stewart is going back to his songwriting roots on his 30th studio album.

The just-released Blood Red Roses hones in on the British rock star's signature voice, technique, and lyrical wit and promises the same "poignant observation, self-reflective introspection and playful swagger," according to a release, that made the 73-year-old musician one of the best-selling artists of all time.

"For me, it's been a labor of love writing and recording these 13 tracks," Stewart tweeted.

Blood Red Roses may be Stewart's most effective and deeply intimate project yet, spanning years of heavy emotion as well as the pain and beauty of love, both in youth and old age.

"It’s funny, they’re very personal but these songs are only challenging when I listen back to them now," Stewart said, in the release. "When you’re recording them you’re almost too close but listening to them now they’re finished I’m thinking, 'That’s a brave statement you’ve made there.'"

Original article by Paris Close at iHeartRadio