See Metallica, Lady Gaga In Flawless Grammys Rehearsal

Metallica has posted footage of their Grammy dress rehearsal with Lady Gaga to show what the collaboration should have sounded like. 

With the now-infamous performance that was plagued by technical problems a month behind us, rock fans have expressed their anger at the Grammys’ treatment of the band.

Singer James Hetfield's mic was muted at the start of the song, taking the initial steam out of the collaboration, which caused him to kick his mic stand and throw his guitar in frustration.

Drummer Lars Ulrich said Hetfield was “livid” and reports of a stagehand accidentally unplugging the mic made the rounds. 

"Perhaps you've heard by now that we experienced a slight bit of a technical difficulty when we hit the stage at the Grammy Awards with Lady Gaga a little over a week ago," the band said on their official website. "Hmm, would that qualify as an understatement?!?

"We’ve had so many of you ask and wonder ‘what if,’ so we thought it might be fun to also share with you what happened just a few hours earlier that day at the dress rehearsal with all cylinders firing just right." 

Metallica goes on to praise Gaga, who joked about making her a permanent member of the legendary band. "Collaborating, hanging and performing with Gaga was easily one of the most exciting, inspiring and enjoyable experiences of our career – she BRINGS IT every single time!! All we have to say is that we absolutely cannot wait until next time!"

You can watch the Grammys rehearsal here.

Original article by Sam Valorose at iHeartRadio