Selena Gomez Reveals Plans To Put Her Music Career On Hold

Even though it looked like Selena Gomez's follow-up to Revival was on track for completion, all forthcoming music ventures have been momentarily halted, according to the pop star.

Gomez made the reveal in a discussion with Sheinelle Jones of Today, telling the host that she has reprioritized her ventures. "I'm taking time to have a personal life," the pop star reportedly said via Billboard. "I'm doing things that I love that I’m passionate about that I care about…it just makes me happy."

It all went down during the pop star's surprise appearance at a Los Angeles high school in honour of World Kindness Day. Teaming up with the Step Up Foundation and Coach, the 24-year-old was on-site to spread the after-school program's goal: empowerment and fulfilling one's potential.

"@coach introduced me to @stepupwomensnetwork which is an after school organization that encourages girls to believe that they have the capability to do anything they set their mind to," she captioned her recent post. "It's crazy to me how much they are willing put others before themselves."

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