Selena Gomez’s Sexy ‘Fetish’ Will Have You Feeling Some Kind Of Way

After dropping plenty of teasers via her social media, Selena Gomez is serving full-on sex on her new single called "Fetish," which features Gucci Mane and dropped at the stroke of midnight on Wednesday (July 13). 

While "Bad Liar" heard Gomez hit a quirky pop note, "Fetish" is more in line with her Revival lead track, "Good for You," and hears the teen sensation singing about her tantalizing love with a beat, courtesy of Jonas Jeberg & The Futuristics. "You got a fetish for my love/ I push you out and you come right back/ Don't see a point in blaming you If I were you, I'd do me too," she coos during the mid-tempo track's hook.

Even though a traditional music video for "Fetish" didn't surface, a preview clip dropped and it's a must-see. To match the sexy tone of the track, the clip is actually just one long close-up of the pop star's mouth and aimed at making you feeling some kind of way. Mission accomplished, Team Selena!

Original article by James Dinh at iHeartRadio