Shawn Mendes Answers Very Personal Questions

If you really, really needed to know, Shawn Mendes either shaves or trims his pubic hair.

“Yeah, absolutely,” the 19-year-old Canadian singer said during a radio interview in New Zealand, when asked if he manscapes.

“It would be weird if I said no. Or if I said I don't want to answer that."

Mendes was also asked to reveal the age of his oldest lover. He replied “25” and added that he was 19 at the time – which means it happened in the last three months.

He said he lost his virginity at 16 – and then said he thinks the legal age of consent in his native Canada is 18 (it's actually 16).

Mendes didn’t answer every personal question, though. He declined to reveal the number of sexual partners he’s had or what noises he makes during sex – and he wouldn’t name the last celebrity he kissed or the celebrity he'd like to hook up with.

The humble Canadian also refused to share his net worth. When one of the hosts said a website claims it’s $12 million, Mendes said: “Is that what the Internet says? I don’t know.”

Watch Mendes' full chat below: