Shawn Mendes Denied Entry To Irish Pub

Shawn Mendes was left red-faced this week when he was denied entry into Dublin’s Bruxelles pub because he’s not yet 21.

The legal drinking age in Ireland is 18 – just like it is in parts of Mendes’ native Canada – so he singer figured there was nothing holding him back. Turns out, the popular live music club has a strict 21+ entry policy.

A video clip circulating online shows Mendes politely saying "OK, thank you" (so Canadian!) after a bouncer tells him he won’t be allowed in for a post-concert tipple. Arms folded, he then says "Wow" before walking away.

The 20-year-old singer had just performed two consecutive nights at 3Arena in Dublin.

After being denied pub access, Mendes did the next logical thing – he went to a nearby McDonald’s.

Last year, Mendes talked to Rolling Stone about his drinking habits. “I drink a s**t-ton when I go home," he said. “I love rye and ginger. But I had to slow down because they don’t feel good the next morning, so I just started drinking tequila, and it’s better. I drink either Don Julio or Casamigos.”

Mendes said he’s no fan of the legal drinking age of 21 in the U.S.

“I don't find it frustrating because I care about alcohol. I care about time with friends in bars,” he explained. “I’m being denied a social experience, not an alcoholic beverage. I wish I was allowed to just go in the bar and drink a pop because then I would at least be there with everyone and I wouldn't have to be in my hotel while everyone else is at the bar.”