Shawn Mendes Scratched On Cheek By Fan

Shawn Mendes has reportedly explained the cause of a fresh scratch on his face.

According to a fan’s tweet, the 20-year-old Canadian singer was asked about the injury during a backstage Q&A in Zurich on Sunday.

Mendes reportedly explained that he was scratched on the cheek by a fan at one of his concerts in Italy. He performed March 23 in Bologna and March 24 in Turin. (Some fans have suggested the scratch actually happened at Mendes' March 26th show in Barcelona.)

On his current tour, Mendes ends the show by going down into the crowd to get close to some of his fans. In the wake of the scratch, some fans are calling for others to show the singer some respect and keep their hands to themselves.

“Stop touching somebody elses face,” one tweeted. “It’s kinda gross and it's not that hard actually.”

Last month, Brendon Urie pleaded with fans to stop trying to kiss him when he walks through the crowd at Panic! At The Disco concerts.