Skid Row Rules Out Bringing Sebastian Bach Back

If you've been holding your breath for a possible reunion between Sebastian Bach and Skid Row, you better take in some oxygen.

Guitarist Scotti Hill has ruled out any chance of the group bringing Bach back because they don't want to "put ourselves in a volatile situation and be unhappy and destroy what we have now."

On Another FN Podcast, Hill said that the "door is closed" for a reunion with Ontario-raised Bach, who was fired from Skid Row in 1996.

"There was talk about it, the two camps went back and forth, and it was not to happen,” said Hill. “So that door is now shut."

Asked if it it closed forever, Hill replied, "Yeah. I believe so.

“I tell you what: our singer, ZP Theart, he's a brother, man. He's a great f***ing singer, he's a great frontman, he's a guy I look forward to seeing, a guy I look forward to hanging out with. We trust him with the band that we've been in all this time, and that is precious to us. We can go out and play and enjoy ourselves."

As for the fans who would love to see Bach back in the band, Hill said: "People are, like, 'Hey, man, do it for the fans.' Not at the expense of my happiness, no. Sorry. It ain't f***ing happening. 'But do it for the fans.' No."

Even though Hill won't be playing with Bach anytime soon, he still respects him. ”He's not a rock star, he's a superstar, man. He's great, dude. I totally realize what he is. I'll speak for myself: he is a guy… he'll cut his own throat to do a good show. He puts it all out there. He's a great singer and a great frontman — one of the all-time greats.

“But we're not working together. To replace a guy like that is… well, yeah, you realize what you're up against. People are, like, 'They have no idea…' Yeah, we have an idea — of course we do. But that was the only way to do it. And the records he did with Skid Row are great — he did a great job. And he was just such a huge part of that. But it just can't happen. Replacing a guy like that, yeah, it's hard, it's hard."

Original article by Dave Basner at iHeartRadio