Someone Posed As George Canyon To Contact Fans

Imagine being a George Canyon fan and suddenly receiving a direct message from him via Twitter.

“How you doing?,” it reads.

“And I hope you are one of my beloved fans out there?”

Sounds too good to be true – because it is.

Someone set up a fake Twitter account this week to pose as the Canadian country star. 

The profile @GeorgeCanyon18 was made to look identical to Canyon’s legitimate profile, @GeorgeCanyon.

Asked why he/she is pretending to be Canyon, the response read: “Who. Am gorge. I created this account to chat with my fans?” on Wednesday flagged the phoney account to Canyon’s rep Karen Hughes, who immediately reported it to Twitter. It has since been suspended.

“There are a number of fake accounts out there,” Hughes said. “It’s driving us crazy.”

Last year, country singer Brett Kissel warned fans about “snakes” who pose as him on social media and attempt to rip off fans.

“I hate these guys. I don’t know who they are but I hate them,” Kissel fumed in a video message. “I hate them with everything that I have.”