Sorry, Ryan Tedder Says OneRepublic Is Officially Done Releasing Albums

If you were wondering why OneRepublic abruptly stopped the promotional run for their latest album, Oh My My, Ryan Tedder has a lengthy explanation and it involves some good and bad news. 

On Thursday (Apr. 27), Tedder offered fans with a lengthy note about the band's new strategy for releasing music and it's a method that folks like Mariah Carey and Calvin Harris have echoed for their own respective careers: straying away from studio albums. Instead of dropping full-length LPs, the band will release one-off songs. 

Tedder's strategy is one that was prompted by the burnout and overwhelming anxiety that he experienced in the last decade, which caused him to consider quitting the industry altogether. 

"I had the idea even before our last album of releasing 'songs'... when we want, as often as we want, however we want. Not albums, songs," the 37-year-old hitmaker wrote in the letter. "It's always frustrated me that by the time u get to a 3rd, 4th or 5th single off an album that song may have been produced 2-3 years ago....and sounds dated. What if 3 months into an album you write a song that feels relevant NOW?? Albums aren't built to be flexible or get out of their own way. So here's what we're gonna do. Starting tomorrow we will be dropping new music as often as humanly possible... monthly, weekly sometimes, and it will be VARIED and with collaborations and may feel bonkers at first."

OneRepublic's first release via their strategy is a song called "No Vacancy," which first started out as a Gotye-sounding number for Selena Gomez. Click here to read Ryan Tedder's letter in full.

Original article by James Dinh at iHeartRadio