Steven Tyler Opens Women’s Shelter

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler opened a women’s shelter outside Atlanta last week for abused and neglected girls.

The rock singer named the shelter Janie’s House, inspired by his band Aeromsmith's 1989 hit “Janie’s Got A Gun,” which was written about a girl who is sexually abused by her father.

Tyler officiated the opening with a "scarf-cutting" on Wednesday, at the Youth Villages’ Inner Harbour campus in Douglasville, Georgia and met with some of the residents while touring the facility.

“You can see in their faces and hear in their voices how broken they are,” Tyler told CNN. “While I was in (rehab), I found out most of women in there were battered and beaten and abused verbally and sexually in huge numbers, it was like seven out of 10, eight out of 10.”

The facility will offer residents (and their families) a number of resources and therapy to help better their lives. 

"I'm hoping that they get some tools, some advice, some ways to work stuff out, some words of wisdom that they can then live by."

Prior to the opening of Janie’s House, Tyler had also started Janie’s Fund in 2015 to help at-risk girls.

Watch Tyler introduce Janie’s House below: