T. Thomason Chosen On 'The Launch' To Put Out 'Hope'

T. Thomason is offering “Hope” to Canadians after being named the chosen artist on Wednesday’s episode of The Launch.

“If this song had been on the radio when I was 14, things might have been a lot easier for me to figure out,” the Nova Scotia singer-songwriter told iHeartRadio.

On the show, he recalled: “Kids were mean to me in high school because they knew that I was queer and they just picked on me.”

Thomason, 25, decided he needed to be “more authentic and comfortable in my skin and my life.”

He explained: “I transitioned and changed my name. I felt like I was able to move forward and create music that was ultimately more truthful to who I am.”

Before recording “Hope,” Thomason tweaked some of the lyrics to make Alex Hope’s song more of a letter to his younger self. Hope, who crafted songs for Troye Sivan’s 2015 album Blue Neighbourhood, was on board.

Thomason’s live performance of “Hope” on The Launch brought Marie-Mai and guest mentor Sarah McLachlan to tears. “Music is supposed to move us, to make us feel,” said McLachlan. “That was connection [in] the most beautiful powerful way.”

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Thomason beat out Mississauga, Ont. artist Trevor LaRose for the opportunity to launch “Hope,” which is now available wherever you get music.

“It’s like a dream. It’s a dream,” he said on the show. “This is my dream happening in real time.”

Born in England, Thomason moved to Nova Scotia with his parents as a child. (His mom Shelley Thompson played Barbara on Trailer Park Boys.) As Molly, he released three CDs and his songs “Kiss Me” and “Trouble” were used in episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Thomason spent the last decade writing, recording and performing live. He hopes The Launch experience will enable him to quit his day job and focus on his passion.

“I hope this leads to doing [music] full time,” he said. “I want to just do this.”

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Thomason also hopes people can see him as more than a “trans” artist. “For me, the music should be what’s coming first. I don’t want to be labelled,” he said.

“I want my music to be what people are talking about.”

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