Taylor Swift Goes 'Reputation' Shopping In Nashville

Like so many Americans, Taylor Swift enjoys going on Target runs. But this week, her Target run was extra special.

Swift and her entourage visited a Target store in Nashville, where she went to go buy her album Reputation, as well as the magazines she created to go along with the record's release. 

The pop superstar documented the trip on her Instagram Stories, which started with a chat at home with everyone's favourite feline friend Olivia Benson.

Swift kept fans updated an her every move. 

"Target has been partially walked into,” she explained. “Now it's been fully walked into. We've walked into the Target. We're in progress of walking, still. Just keeping you guys updated."

Swift and friends got a little distracted by all things Christmas, but quickly got their act together, and spotted the merchandise they came for.

"Just wanted everyone to be updated that we've already started stalking Christmas stuff at ... Oh, wait, wait, we've seen it. We've spotted it.”

And then, the jokes came out.

"How can you even see me with what I'm wearing.”

At last, it was check-out time.

What we would do to be the person stationed at this cash register.

And of course, Swift stopped to take pictures and chat with all of the Swifties tay-lurking around Target that evening.

Original article by Nicole Mastrogiannis at iHeartRadio