Taylor Swift, Not Katy Perry, Is Most-Followed Person On Twitter

In a world where “fake” may be the new norm, Twitter is cracking down on what it calls “fake followers.” 

Due to an onslaught of the so-called “fake followers,” a new Twitter Audit reveals the world’s most-followed celebrities on the social media site aren’t the most-followed after all. 

For example, the audit uncovers a whopping 68 percent of the users who follow Katy Perry, the No. 1 most-followed person, are fake accounts. With the new numbers taken into account, the “Roar” singer is followed by 31 million real users, making her only the ninth most-followed person on Twitter

On the other hand, Taylor Swift’s followers are only 12 percent fake, meaning she is followed by 84 million real users. Those numbers make Taylor the actual most-followed person on Twitter.

The one-time country star is followed by Barack Obama (No. 2), Ellen DeGeneres (No. 3), YouTube (No. 4) and Kim Kardashian (No. 5) with the most real followers on Twitter

Link up to the full list here.

Original article by Dustin Stout at iHeartRadio