The 1975 Send Love To 'Misrepresented, Maligned'

Matthew Healy of The 1975 said last week the world should be more like a music festival and apologized for his previous comments about religion.

The band was performing at the Latitude festival in Suffolk, England when Healy addressed the crowd before “Loving Someone.”

“If the world was like this [festival], everything would be fine,” he said. “There might be a few too many drugs, but that never hurt anybody.

“We’re gonna play a song that is about universal love and compassion. I’m sorry if I ever said anything about religion or about anything that ever offended anybody – I don’t wanna offend anybody, ever. My intention is to spread love and unity.”

Healy was referring to comments he made following the bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. At the time, he told fans: “Nationalism, religion, all these regressive things, they’re over. We can’t carry on in the way that we’re carrying on.”

At Latitude, Healy reached out to everyone. 

“I wanna shout out all of the communities that are misrepresented and maligned. So, the Muslim community, the black community, the LGBTQ community. I wanna say that we stand with you and we fucking love you.

“We love every single person in this field.”