Thomas Rhett Calls Adoption Process 'An Emotional Roller Coaster'

Although the past few months for Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren have been filled with excitement, they have also been extremely hard.

The country star recently opened up about their experience with the adoption process.

The couple has spent the past few months traveling back and forth seven times to Africa to finalize the adoption of one of their children. Although exciting, the process has been far from easy.

“The process of adopting someone from a different country is really, really strenuous, and you find out a lot about yourself, you know, when you’re over there, and you and your wife are staying in a hotel room for a month and a half,” Rhett said.

“And you wake up, and you think you’re going to get some news, and you don’t get it. Really the best way I can describe the adoption process is an emotional roller coaster.

“We’re finally over that hump and cannot wait to get our child home.”

Thomas is now on the road on his Home Team tour.

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