Toronto Capybaras Named After Members Of Rush

The members of Rush are said to be honoured that a trio of capybaras in Toronto will take their names.

The capybaras, born in February at the High Park Zoo, will be named Geddy, Alex and Neil.

“We are thrilled to hear that three cute little furry creatures from South America now bear our names!,” Rush frontman Geddy Lee said, in a statement.

“By the way, which one is me? In the picture I saw none of them were wearing glasses.”

The capybaras are the offspring of Bonnie and Clyde, who spent time in the “Limelight” last year when they escaped and spent several weeks on the lam. Zoo officials said the couple became “Closer to the Heart” (That's enough- ed.) after spending time apart.

The public suggested more than 12,000 names and then voted on a shortlist of 10. Nearly 45,000 ballots were cast, with the names of Rush’s members earning 32,519 votes.

Nelson Almeida / AFP/Getty