UPDATED: Alessia Cara Clears Up Comments About Working With Rihanna

This story has been updated.

Alessia Cara took to Twitter on Tuesday to clear up speculation that she will appear on a new Rihanna album.

The "Scars to Your Beautiful" singer seemed to break the news in a backstage interview at Sunday's JUNO Awards in Ottawa.

Asked about the most exciting part of her last year, the 20-year-old cited her studio collaboration with Rihanna.

"I didn't take a picture with her. I just met her and it was awesome," she said, "and it was to work on her album.

"I kind of did my thing and left. It was awesome."

Given that Rihanna's ANTI was released in January 2016 and Cara is not credited on the LP, fans were left to believe that Cara was referring to the singer's 9th studio album. 

Not so. Cara said she recorded something for ANTI that didn't make the cut.

Cara said Rihanna was nothing but friendly during their encounter "I went for the handshake and she went for the hug. She was so sweet," she gushed. "I love Rihanna. I'm obsessed, so just meeting her was crazy.

"No one really knew about it."

Watch the interview below:

Original article by James Dinh at iHeartRadio with a file by iHeartRadio.ca