Vancouver Musician Accused Of Drug Smuggling

Vancouver musician Daniel Whitmore is facing at least 10 years in a Japanese prison if he is convicted of smuggling drugs into the country.

Whitmore, who performs as Dan Scum and fronted Iron Maiden cover band Powerclown as Dickee Diànno, was arrested at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport on Dec. 11. He is accused of bringing about 9.8 kilograms of stimulant drugs to Japan on a flight from Vancouver.

Police allege the drugs, with a street value of about $7 million, were concealed in Whitmore’s guitar case and in several tea cannisters.

The 44-year-old Canadian was indicted by the Chiba District Public Prosecutors Office on a charge of violating the Stimulants Control Law and the Japanese Customs Law, according to Fuji TV.

Japan Today reported that Whitmore entered the country as a tourist but customs officers noted he was sweating profusely and that his guitar case was unusually heavy. They allege that when the contraband was uncovered, Whitmore explained that he had agreed to carry the drugs for an acquaintance because he needed the cash. He allegedly said he was supposed to deliver the drugs to a contract at a Narita City hotel.

Days before flying to Tokyo, Whitmore wrote on Facebook: “Are you an Asian drug dealer? Because you're bringing me down.”

Whitmore’s Powerclown bandmate Sketchy Klown shared a statement about the arrest on Facebook.

“All we can do is hope for the best for him,” it reads. "Even with his voice, the voice of a songbird, and his velvet-painting-smooth charm, he wont be able to talk his way out of these hijinks, even if he did speak Japanese.

"While none of us clowns condone Dicksee's actions, or recommend anyone else attempting something this foolish, we do hope for the best for our grease-painted pal. We hope that by some small...make that large...miracle, he somehow manages to slide into his c**k-pink pants and dance himself back home to face this different form of music he has created for himself.

“We love you Dicksee. If you somehow make it back here, and we hope you do, we may even go easy on you. Maybe. No promises.”