WATCH: Alan Jackson Almost Hit By Flying Beer Can

Country star Alan Jackson was almost hit by a beer can thrown by an allegedly intoxicated fan at a concert Friday night in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Jackson was performing “Don’t Rock the Jukebox” during a stop on his Honky Tonk Highway Tour when someone tossed the open can on stage.

Fan-shot video captured the moment, which shows Jackson moving his leg quick enough to avoid being hit.

“Some drunk idiot decided to throw a beer at Alan during his performance,” reads the caption on the video. “Why go to a concert and drink if you can’t handle your alcohol. That was so disrespectful!”

Musician Lane Mack took to Facebook to list other incidents during country shows in Lafayette and added: “Y’all enjoy these big country acts while they last. I don’t know why they’d want to come back.”

Watch the beer can fly at around the 0:40 mark: