WATCH: Alessia Cara Shares New Single 'Trust My Lonely'

Alessia Cara overnight dropped “Trust My Lonely,” another single from her forthcoming sophomore album The Pains of Growing.

“Go get your praise from someone else / You did a number on my health,” she sings. “My world is brighter by itself / and I can do better.”

The song could easily be about getting out of a toxic relationship but Cara explained in a tweet she wrote it a year ago “in my room while having doubts about writing the album alone.”

The 22-year-old Canadian singer said the song came to her pretty quickly. “I was just venting in a sense so everything flowed out,” she tweeted.

Cara also shared: “I wrote this song [about] internal black clouds and voices of doubt, both my own and those of others.

“Letting go is not easy, but most times it’s the uncomfortable nudge we need in order to find a happier place within ourselves. This song is for you and for me. Let it be both a reminder and celebration of the frequently forgotten sentiment that we’re here and we’re okay.”

Cara hasn’t revealed when her new album – her first since 2015’s Know-It-All – will come out. But, on Twitter, she said it feels “wonderfully weird” to put out another song.

“It means the world that you listen and it means more that you show so much love,” she told fans.

Watch the video for “Trust My Lonely” below: