WATCH: BROS Goes Retro For 'Couldn't Hear A Thing' Video

BROS has unveiled a decidedly retro video for “Couldn’t Hear A Thing,” the second single off the Canadian duo’s debut album BROS Vol. 1.

Not to be confused with the ‘80s English pop act of the same name, BROS is a side project for siblings Ewan and Shamus Currie of The Sheepdogs.

Shamus has described “Couldn’t Hear A Thing” as “a dysfunctional love song of sorts.”

He explained: “It's an introvert's take on trying to connect with his girl amongst all the noise of the dating scene and the outside world.

“The video is a colourful presentation of the heartache that a shy dude must overcome if he wants to get the girl of his dreams.”

Director Adrian Vieni wanted to pay homage to teen movies of the ‘80s and ‘90s.

“I tried to tell a little love story between an out of sync couple into the tight 3-minute track,” he explained, “choosing a retro roller rink as the backdrop for the story, harkening back to a past era – dated but not explicitly set in any specific period of time.”

The video’s throwback vibe is perfect for BROS.

“We love the sound of those over-produced records from the late ‘60s and ’70s when people like the Beatles and the Beach Boys were going crazy with overdubs,” Shamus has said.

“We loaded these songs with as many hooks and homages and pieces of ear candy as possible.”

The video for “Couldn’t Hear A Thing” was produced with financial assistance from MuchFACT, a division of Bell Media (parent company of this website).

Check it out below: