WATCH: Chance The Rapper Does Beer Yoga With Kevin Hart

Chance the Rapper downs some brews and does some downward dogs with comedian Kevin Hart in the latest episode of What the Fit.

The famous friends take part in Beer Yoga – which Hart insists is “a real thing” – after sitting at the bar and trying unsuccessfully to FaceTime with Migos’ Quavo and actor Dwayne Johnson. (Hart manages to get a celebrity friend to pick up.)

"I'm not a fitness guy. I'm athletic but I don't spend any time in the gym," Chance explains. "Once in awhile I challenge myself to 20 push-ups. I do 17, and then I go back to being famous."

Once in the yoga studio, Hart really gets into it. He eventually spills his beer. “I’ll be honest with y’all,” he tells the other participants. “I’ve had too much to drink.”

Chance declares: “This is totally disrespectful to anyone that really does yoga.”

What the Fit is on Hart’s LOL Network, which is available on snackabletv (part of Bell Media, parent company of this website).

Watch the fun go down below: (Warning: Contains language some may find offensive.)