WATCH: Dave Moffatt Of The Moffatts Covers Sam Smith

Dave Moffatt, who had hits in the ‘90s as lead singer and keyboardist in The Moffatts, is winning over a new generation of fans with a cover of the Sam Smith hit “Too Good At Goodbyes.”

The 33-year-old singer shared the live performance on Facebook on Tuesday.

"This is what you call singing from the heart,” one fan commented. Another wrote: “Such a pure, beautiful sound...and I can feel you pouring your soul into that song...which is usually hard to do with someone else's song.”

Moffatt, who has focused on being a yoga instructor in the past few years, was a pop star in the late ‘90s when he and brothers Bob, Clint and Scott had hits like “I’ll Be There For You,” “Miss You Like Crazy,” “Girl Of My Dreams” and “Misery.”

The group won several Juno Awards before splitting up in the summer of 2001. Dave, who later came out as gay, competed on Canadian Idol but then took a step back from the music business.

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Last February, Bob and Clint — who are country duo Endless Summer — and Scott reunited for several performances in the Southeast Asia, where The Moffatts remain one of the biggest-selling international groups.

At the time, The Moffatts’ father Frank told that Dave was not part of the tour because “he doesn’t feel music aligns with his personal beliefs and values at this time.” Clint told before the tour: “We asked Dave if he wanted to be a part of it and he said, ‘I’m just not there right now in my life. I have other things I want to do.’”

But, last May, Dave staged a solo concert in the Philippines.

Check out Dave Moffatt’s cover of “Too Late For Goodbyes” below: