WATCH: Elton John Raps In New Commercial

Elton John is the star of a new Snickers ad in the UK that was unveiled earlier this week.

The legendary rocker stars as a hungry rapper who can't compete in a rap battle until he’s eaten a Snickers bar. During the battle, a rising star named Boogie is announced. As the camera pans to John, he begins to belt out a few lines from his classic "Don't Go Breaking My Heart," before his friend says "Here, eat a Snickers. You always lose your edge when you're hungry." After he takes a bite, John transforms into the real Boogie and begins to rap. 

Boogie is an up-and-coming rapper in real life and was hand picked by director Andreas Nilsson to appear in the commercial alongside John.

“Working with Andreas was a blessing," the rapper told Variety. "This was in a way my acting debut and he made that transition so easy… connecting with Elton John was also huge. His musical knowledge is crazy. He’s super in tune with current hip-hop.”

Watch the commercial below:

Original article by Emily Lee at iHeartRadio