WATCH: Jack Owen Releases ‘I Was Jack (You Were Diane)’ Mini-Movie

Country singer Jack Owen released the video for his John Mellencamp revival hit “I Was Jack (You Were Diane),” as a 10-minute mini-movie on Thursday.

The video follows a couple in the early ‘80s embarking on their romance, quickly discovering the challenges and realities of growing up, and are then faced with making a decision on their romance 10 years later. Aside from singing on the sidelines in a diner throughout the video, Owen also makes a cameo appearance as a waiter.

The country star reportedly reached out to Mellencamp before even beginning working on the song out of respect for the original 1982 chart-topping hit.

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"It's just common courtesy to reach out to the original writers and composers of that song, John Mellencamp being that guy. We felt it was pretty necessary to reach out to him and get his blessing on it," Owen revealed in a recent interview, according to Taste Of Country. "So it was pretty fulfilling to know that he said, 'Yeah, I like that. You guys run with it.' So we did, and with his blessing, I think that makes this that much sweeter.”

Watch the video below: