WATCH: Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B Have Money To Burn In 'Dinero' Video

If you’ve dreamed of seeing Jennifer Lopez barbecuing in lingerie and walking an ostrich (and who amongst us has not?) then today is your lucky day.

The pop superstar is decidedly no longer Jenny from the Block in the brand new video for “Dinero,” in which she shows that she literally has money to burn.

“Yo quiero dinero,” sings JLo, which translates to “I want money.” (If you thought she was saying "DeNiro," don't worry, the video has a quick shot of Robert.)

The visual feast from director Joseph Kahn also includes a trio of shirtless guys, vandalism of a sports car, and a burning marshmallow.

Cardi B shows up at the 1:45 mark to play croquet and contribute a rap while DJ Khaled wanders around blurting out phrases.

The track, which was released earlier this month, boasts a whopping 10 songwriters and four producers.

Check out the video below: