WATCH: Kenny Chesney Debuts Inspiring Video For ‘Rich and Miserable’

Country legend Kenny Chesney is anything but rich and miserable – and the accompanying video from his song “Rich and Miserable” is here to prove that. The video features the actor John McGinley playing a college professor. In the clip, the professor asks his students to write words on the blackboard that encapsulate what they can give back to the world.

“I want you to forget about whatever you think you might face outside of these doors, or whatever you think that you want out of life, or believe that life may owe you,” the professor lectures his students.

“I want you to think about what you will give. What will you be willing to give to change the word ‘miserable’ to joyful?” he continues.

In an accompanying message on his Facebook page, Chesney explained the concept behind the video’s powerful message: “I think there’s so much more to what goes on a record than radio can play and some songs need to be heard. For "'Rich and Miserable", it felt like it was addressing so many of the things we’re sold and told about what makes us happy, or what we’re supposed to want or are expected to do. I didn’t want that message getting lost, so we decided to skip a video on some of the singles and do this instead.”

“Rich and Miserable” is off of his 2016 album Cosmic Hallelujah. Watch the video below: