WATCH: Liam Gallagher Joins Irish Jam At Montreal Pub

Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher performed for thousands of fans at the Osheaga festival in Montreal on the weekend — and then entertained a handful of people at a local pub.

At Osheaga, the 44-year-old singer wore a long coat (“I thought it was cold up here,” he told the crowd) for his set, which included a mix of songs from his forthcoming solo album As You Were and Oasis tracks like “Morning Glory” and “Wonderwall.”

(Gallagher later told iHeartRadio he bought the coat in Montreal “so I’m f**king wearing it.”)

The next day, Gallagher played tourist in Montreal and visited the city’s namesake Mount Royal. “Montreal very cool the park on the top of the hill is a trippy little f**k I'm sure I just seen zebadee,” he tweeted early Sunday.

Downtown, he stunned musicians and patrons at the weekly Irish jam at McKibbin’s Irish Pub on Bishop Street.

“He came, he sang, we drank, and just like that he was gone,” wrote musician Ben Alexander. “Awesome guy, surreal afternoon.”

Gallagher, who was married to Canadian singer Nicole Appleton for six years, didn’t leave as good of an impression with fans in Chicago last week.

On Thursday, he suddenly left the Lollapalooza stage after playing for only 20 minutes. He later apologized on Twitter, blaming issues with his voice.

Watch Gallagher jam at McKibbin's Irish Pub below: